20170715 National Day Parade Rehersal 3

singapore is celebrating the 52nd birthday on 9th-aug.

as a yearly event, there will be national day parade on the actual day. however, before the actual day, there will be several rehersals. the first few sessions, the primary five students and families are invited to the preview, while the last two rehersals will be opened to public. allocation of tickets are by ballot. registration for the balloting opens in june and every singaporean and permanent residents are entitle to register.

what’s happening during the ndp? there will be several uniform groups marching by, performance by schools and organizations. but for most of the people, especially those who didn’t get the ticket to watch the performance, we are waiting for the fireworks.

i went to watch the fireworks last week and captured some of it. 

will be there again this week, at different location, for the fireworks, and i hope i can capture more beautiful pictures.