20170715 National Day Parade Rehersal 3

singapore is celebrating the 52nd birthday on 9th-aug.

as a yearly event, there will be national day parade on the actual day. however, before the actual day, there will be several rehersals. the first few sessions, the primary five students and families are invited to the preview, while the last two rehersals will be opened to public. allocation of tickets are by ballot. registration for the balloting opens in june and every singaporean and permanent residents are entitle to register.

what’s happening during the ndp? there will be several uniform groups marching by, performance by schools and organizations. but for most of the people, especially those who didn’t get the ticket to watch the performance, we are waiting for the fireworks.

i went to watch the fireworks last week and captured some of it. 

will be there again this week, at different location, for the fireworks, and i hope i can capture more beautiful pictures.


20170603 Exploring Chek Jewa

tanjong chek jewa, or chek jewa (which we usually call), is a 100-hectare wetlands located on the the south-eastern of pulau ubin, an island located at the north-eartnere coast of main island of singapore.

the wetlands are unique as there are several ecosystems observed in one area – sandy beach, rocky beach, seagrass lagoon, coral rubble, mangroves, and coastal forest.

it was a great experience for me as it was the first time to visit chek jewa, after several trips to pulau ubin.

to go to pulau ubin, we took a short bumboat ride from the terminal at changi village. the fare is $3 per pax, one way. and the bumboat can only take about 8 – 10 pax each time.

the view from the bumboat is amazing. beautiful skyline of the east. real relax.


20170425 bolak-balik @ esplanade (exhibition)

exhibition name : bolak-balik

artist : mella jaarsma (indonesia)

bolak-balik means “back and forth” or “contradictory” in bahasa indonesia.

in the new series of work, the artist examines how indonesians’ diverse sartorial choices are controlled and altered by the rulers who reigned over different periods and across different states. she questions definitions of what constitutes public, private and common space, and how we can protect social space, equality and the freedom to maintain diverse cultural identities and traditional practices, when local wisdom, ancestral roots and rich mythologies are fading away and disappearing with modernity.

20170411 on sharks and humanity (exhibition)

parkview square is an office building located in bugis, along north bridge road, just opposite raffles hospital. it is also known as “gotham city of singapore”, due to its art deco architectural style that resembles the fictional gotham city from the batman series.

the building has been there for years (since 2002 to be exact), and i used to be very curious about this building, but i never bother to go there to explore the place. until later when i went there for tea in a bar at the lobby. i can’t remember the name of the place but what impressed me was how the wine has been retrieved.

20170326 ilight marina bay 2017

ilight marina bay 2017 is the fifth edition of asia’s leading sustainable light art festival. since 2010, this is a showcase of light art installations created by artists not only from singapore, but also from artists around the world.

the art installations are designed with energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials to remind everyone to adopt sustainable habits in everyday lives.

this year, besides the 20 stunning light art installations, there will be a feature of three new themed festival hubs. one visit to this event is surely not enough, hence the event is held from 3 – 26 march.


20160730 national day preview show

singapore will be celebrating her 51st birthday on 09th-aug-2016.

this is the month which i like alot. i can see the national flags around the island – along the roads, outside the flats, shopping malls.

national songs can be heard in many places

but the most favorite is that during the national day parade, be it a rehearsal, preview shows or the actual day shows, the stadium will be filled up with audience in red and white, which is the color on our flag..

kallang waves, singing the songs, cheering, clapping… i feel the sense of home, unity of a nation.