20171228 happy new year!

it has been months that i have stop writing here.

not that i have nothing, but i really don’t have much thing.

will try to buck up again to continue where i stopped.

meanwhile, happy new year!

have a wonderful celebration for the beginning of a new year.

let’s welcome 2018!

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20161230 holidays!!!

in about 12 hours, i will be going for holidays!!

was contemplating between hong kong and bangkok, both which i went before this year, twice to bangkok in fact.

in the end, decided to go bangkok again, for the third time in 2016, and welcoming the brand new year there.

hopefully it won’t take me too long to update here as i have malacca and hong kong on the list!!

have fun folks!!

happy new year once again in case i will not be coming in here!!


20161226 happy new year 2017!!

happy-new-year-2017-3-1christmas is over in singapore, it’s the boxing day and i am going to unbox my christmas gift!!

we don’t celebrate boxing day here, it’s only christmas day that we have the gatherings with friends and family.

next big day will be the new year’s day

wishing everyone who is reading this ——

a happy new year! great 2017 ahead!

 may your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish.

20160103 back

finally i am back home after a week of “touring” in ipoh and penang, both in malaysia

seldom i have the chance to on out of singapore for so long

and this is my first time to have spent new year out of home, and bed

the trip was basically okay, pretty relax. the disappointment was that planning was not probably done, or should i say, there wasn’t any planning 😦

anyways, it’s over and i am already looking forward for the next destination tour!