20160102 penang day 5

let me finish off the last day in penang before the end of 2016. i literally took me almost a year to finish… reason? lazy.. haha

didn’t really go out to explore more places in penang due to the timing.

we went for a ride along penang bridge, watching the beautiful sky under the wonderful weather. 

after that, we went back to yeap noodles to have a quick lunch, before we check out from the hotel and head to airport. 


20160101 penang day 4

yes, it’s finally year 2016.

but basically, it’s just another day 🙂

holiday suppose to be easy, free and relax. this trip so far is easy, free and relax.

breakfast is somewhere i will never forget, and will definitely go again if i ever go to penang again.

we didn’t go far this time – pinang delicious food court


there are few stalls inside this food court, inclusive of famous hokkien mee and is manned by a mother and prety daughter. look at their namecard, the names are all ladies!!

20151231 penang day 3

day three in penang, easy day as it’s new year’s eve!!

woke up around 9am, and still can’t decided what to eat. so like the day before, we drove round and round looking for good food. but we either can’t find the one we wanted to go, or the place is not opened. hence, we went to the cheapest dim sum place in penang – dim sum food restaurant

this place is packed with families for breakfast. you will be able to experience a typical malaysia morning breakfast. turnover is very fast. what you need to do is to take the plates of dim sum from the counter, the staff will indicate what you have taken on a piece of paper, and will total up when you are making the payment.

this place serves one of the cheapest dim sum in penang, according to many blogs i had searched. the food, i found it so-so, even though many said that this restaurant serve good dim sum.


20151230 penang day 2

day two in penang, just like passed few days, we took it easy and woke up after 9am


we drove to a very famous local cafe – toh soon coffee – which is highly recommended by many while searching for food. little did we expect at even though it’s already after 10am, the place is still full of crowd!! we waited for awhile and decided to give it a miss.

toh soon coffee is located at a backlane sandwiched between two buildings. if there isn’t any crowd standing outside, it can be easily missed. some said that it has the best coffee in penang.


20151229 penang day 1

we reached butterworth penang train station in late afternoon.

butterworth penang is a town in north seberang perai, penang. it is named after william john butterowrth, the governor of the straits settlements in 1843 – 1855. butterworth was established in the mid-19th century as a landing place across the channel from the capital of penang, george town. it is also know unofficially in malay as bagan, meaning “jetty”. butterworth is the site of the malayan railway station for penang, and is linked to the island by the penang ferry service and by the 13.5km penang bridge.