20160828 malacca trip day 3

soon, it’s the last day of the trip, half-day, to be specified.

as the returned bus was scheduled at 2.30pm, we don’t really have time to go far. so after our breakfast, on the way to out to the nearest mall, we went to upstairs of the hotel to take a look. there are shops (very quiet, no crowd), a link to another hotel, a teddy bar cafe, and some decos.


20160827 malacca trip day 2

day 2, another day of nothing to do day!

day is simple – breakfast, shopping, lunch, shopping, massage, room service for dinner

all is in the pictures 😛

this is the breakfast at chatterz cafe, level 2 of hatten hotel. quite a wide spread, and the cafe is generous as even though it’s very near to end of breakfast timing, the refill of food is still on. 

20160826 malacca trip day 1

had a short trip to malacca over a weekend.

travelling up to malacca by bus, we met up early in the morning at 7.45am, at the pick up point – singapore flyer

journey took up about 3 hours, and there isn’t heavy jam and crowded at both singapore and malaysia customs.

but gosh….. the haze we saw after the malaysia’s custom seems to be worst than singapore!