hong kong

20160915 hong kong trip day 5

time flies when you are busy with something. time flies even faster when you are on holiday. it is so soon that the last day of the holiday comes to an end.

as our flight was in the late afternoon, we have the morning to spend in hong kong after we checked out, leaving our luggage in the hotel. while watching the tv program in the hotel room few nights ago, we saw a news showing that a new comic theme cafe has opened in hong kong! and…….. it’s old master q themed cafe (老夫子餐廳)!! (dun understand why there isn’t any website for this cafe, only fb)

we did some search and finally found the address, and were excited about it.

address : omq dining room, 1/f, 777 nathan road, prince edward



20160912 hong kong trip day 4

approaching the end of the trip, we were on the second last day stay in hong kong. it will be an easy day, with some rides on the ding ding tram, a little bit of shopping, and of course, eating.

breakfast at dimdimsum (点点心).

there are four branches according to the website, and the one we went is at jordan, nearest to where we stayed. there are also three branches in shanghai.

be there early, as it is pretty crowded. lucky for us, we waited for only a few minutes, and the staffs are not that rude too 


20160911 hong kong trip day 3

breakfast on the third day in hong kong is at tsui wah (翠華餐廳).

this is another popular restaurant in hong kong. tsui wah has a total of 26 branches in hong kong, macau and china. some of the branches open 24 hours in hong kong (there are 21 branches in hong kong). tsui wah, comparing to other cha chann teng, has more varieties but the price is slightly higher too. 

find a branch near where you are at now!

20160910 hong kong trip day 2

day 2 in hong kong

we only went to one place, but it simply took the whole day (including eat, drink, rest :D). we went to lantau island

lantau island is the largest island in hong kong which lies at the mouth of the pearl river. i guess the most popular icon of lantau island will be the huge buddha bronze statue – tian tan buddha – which is 34m tall and sits on the hilltop. po lin monastery which is the site of the buddha is also popular for it’s vegetarian meal.


20160909 hong kong trip day 1

hong kong is one of my favorite countries to go to, and I believe I will go again. so far, I have only been there twice, and I feel that there are more places to explore.

there are so many things to see, so many things to do, so many things to eat in this vibrant country, as long as you are willing to try any and maybe travel out from the city.

i went again in september 2016 with two other friends, and hence few of the places which we went, I have already went before.