20170411 on sharks and humanity (exhibition)

parkview square is an office building located in bugis, along north bridge road, just opposite raffles hospital. it is also known as “gotham city of singapore”, due to its art deco architectural style that resembles the fictional gotham city from the batman series.

the building has been there for years (since 2002 to be exact), and i used to be very curious about this building, but i never bother to go there to explore the place. until later when i went there for tea in a bar at the lobby. i can’t remember the name of the place but what impressed me was how the wine has been retrieved.

according to one of article published in the edge property dated 11-sept-2016, quote – “the lobby of the tower, with its 15m-high ceiling, is the location of the famous divine wine bar, with its 12m-high wine tower containing 3,000 bottles. to retrieve a customer’s order of wine, a staff dressed as an angel is harnessed to a pulley and lifted up the tower — an act that became a form of entertainment.”

the space now is occupied by altas bar, which just opened in march 2017.

for more information about parkview square, i have added some sites for your easy reference:

in any ways, i am not talking about this special building in singapore. i am talking about an exhibition which i went to at parkview museum – on sharks and humanity.

on level three of parkview square, with an expanse of over 15,000 square feet of column free space, parkview museum singapore officially opened in january 2017 with a global travelling art exhibition – on sharks and humanity.

this exhibition’s focus is on the environmental issues of shark protection and ocean conservation, which features 29 artists from singapore, china, hong kong, taiwan, germany and the united states. there are 33 artworks which consists of visual installation, paintings, photography and videography. according to the curator of “on sharks and humanity”, huang du, “this is one of the few exhibitions of its kind and it reflects the social responsibility of the artists, while demonstrating the relationship between art and society, these artworks reflect the participants’ imagination, judgment, creativity and their sense of social duty”

before coming to singapore, this exhibition was previously showcased in monaco (2014); moscow (2015) and beijing (2015).

here are some of the photos which i took during the exhibition. the information about the artwork can be found in the site of parkview arts action

these two artworks are located at the courtyard. 

the one on the right is – “the butterfly in love with the flower” by zheng lu

the one on the left is – “to poseidon” by xia hang

there are stickers of sharks on the floor and you will be able to see them once you stepped out from the lift.

you will be able to see the big, blue wordings on the wall just when you enter the door

“when the buying stops, the killing can too.”  a sentence you will be able to see several time when browsing through the artworks


looking at you and me, is the eye of the shark. “us” by liu zining

“downward force on upward moving objects” by wang luyan. a mass installation of stainless buoys floating above the water, with weights pressing down on the waves

are you feeling it, that you are part of the nature? “i am part of you” by fan xueyi

swimming” by zou liang. the reflection on the little girl is from another artwork “shiver” by wang guofeng near to it.

these two sculptures are made with more than ten thousands of fishing hooks. “tomb of honour” by zheng lu


gao xiaowu‘s “evolution” shows you a shark transforming into an extravagantly ornamental goldfish, which illustrates human’s tendency to work against nature


this is only part of the artwork, with a reflection of another artwork “little boy” by xia hang reflected on the broken mirror pieces of  “tsunami shark” by li hui


a 4-meter long shark is suspended in midair and illuminated with x-rays. “don’t copy ii” by li jiwei. here’s the short video.

last but not least, some of the messages left by the visitors.

visit while it’s still there. some of the artworks are really reaching our to the heart.

source from some press:

exhibition info:

  • Venue : 600 north bridge road, parkview square, courtyard and level 3
  • admission : free
  • date : till 26-jun-2017 (but please check as i read from honeycomb that it will ends in sept-2017)
  • time : 11:00am – 7:00pm

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