20170326 ilight marina bay 2017

ilight marina bay 2017 is the fifth edition of asia’s leading sustainable light art festival. since 2010, this is a showcase of light art installations created by artists not only from singapore, but also from artists around the world.

the art installations are designed with energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials to remind everyone to adopt sustainable habits in everyday lives.

this year, besides the 20 stunning light art installations, there will be a feature of three new themed festival hubs. one visit to this event is surely not enough, hence the event is held from 3 – 26 march.

this year, i only visited twice with short duration and captured very few photos to share.

hopefully next year, i will visit multiple times to capture more.

above : the ilight marina bay signage, and capture of one of my favorite’s night scene : marina bay sands shoppe and hotel with art science museum and singapore flyer.


above : northern lights
artist – aleksandra stratimirovic (sweden)

northern lights is a light-art piece inspired by the enthralling experience of the aurora borealis, the spectacular and poetic natural light phenomenon that occurs in the sky of the northern hemisphere. using a carefully programmed light story performed through 100 vertically positioned light lines equipped with led sources, the dynamic movement of the lights evokes a mesmerising and poetic sensation in an unpredictable flow which interacts intimately with its surroundings.


above : kaleidoscopic monolith
artist – singapore university of technology and design (sutd)

kaleidoscopic monolith incites curiosity from spectators through light, reflection and form. contradictory strategies are used to enhance the complex presence of the object. at a distance it is perceived as a single convex form which subtly changes profile from different angles of approach. on closer inspection its rippling surface contains a pattern of concavities. filled with kaleidoscopic reflections these voids distort, repeat and reorient the context. light projected from the centre of each dimple surrounds the piece in an ambient, glowing pool and illuminates onlookers whose own reflections become part of the spectacle. spiraling, radial geometry and faceted, reflective surfaces evoke the cylindrical kaleidoscope toys the piece is inspired from. like the colourful patterns created by the toy, the installation resists a singular meaning and instead provokes participants to discover their own allusions through interactive play

above : moon flower
artist – yun (singapore)

a luminescent display of flowers that glow in the dark, inviting passers-by to take a walk through the garden in the dark. each individual unit of flower is powered by its own solar powered led. the modular, wireless nature of the display allows it to take on a second life in people’s gardens after i light marina bay 2017.

above : ocean pavilion
artist – luke jerram (uk)
co-created by: evian
supported by: chij primary toa payoh, damai primary school, dunman high school, endeavour primary school, greenridge secondary school, haig girl’s school, victoria school, west view primary cchool, yishun town secondary school, yu neng primary school, zhonghua primary school & yellow ribbon project

inspired by the natural forms of the microscopic diatoms and radiolarians found in the rivers and seas around singapore, the ocean pavilion is both a space for contemplation and wonder. made from 25,000 upcycled evian bottles with the help of students from 11 schools around singapore, the artwork promotes reuse and upcycling efforts.

above : horizontal interference
artists – katarzyna malejka and joachim sługocki (poland)

horizontal interference is formed by a colourful cord construction which connects the trees in a simple manner. this architecture of wires, itself already beautiful in the day, turns into a spectacular beauty at nightfall. a simple, yet ingenious illumination merges the natural and constructed elements, creating a poetic and powerful image, moving in the wind

above : hybycozo
artisits – yelena filipchuk & serge beaulieu | usa & canada

hybycozo sits on the intersection of science, technology, geometry, materials, and the artists’ favorite book, hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. taking in these far-ranging influences, the artists have borrowed from everything from ancient islamic tiles to the patterns created by particle physicists when modeling the unified field theory to translate the appearance of beauty within naturally occurring harmonic relationships and patterns in the natural world into sculptural form.

i also have a short video taken with the changes of colors from the art piece.


above : a van with advertisement of somersby


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