20170104 bangkok trip day 6

final day in bangkok was really easy.

as my flight was in the late afternoon, i decided to go just around the hotel area for a walk. i checked out the room at 10ish in the morning, and then slowly walked and wander around.

i booked a car via grab and it cost me about 400 baht. the driver came on time and of cos i reached the airport on time. after checked-in to the immigration, i did my gst claim and proceed to burger king to have the must try pork burger again.

after eating, i again slowly walk to the gate and take some pictures of the snacks.

i always asked for window seat, and once again, i got it this time round. and i was lucky that the row infront of me has only two seats, and i have huge leg space! and i felt embarassed because i don’t know how to get the screen out! i tapped the lady infrom of me and she is kind enough to explain to me. what an experience.

the food on the plane is pretty okay too.

as the plane getting near to hometown, i took the picture as usual.

and home…sweet….home.



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