20170102 bangkok trip day 4

counting down to the end of the holiday, i always plan my itinerary to be more relaxed.

my itinerary for today is to visit the erawan musuem

erawan museum is located in smaut prakan. it is well know for the giant three-headed elephant statue standing on the top of the museum. the statue is 250 tons in weight, 29 metres high, 39 metres long, and cast in pure green-hued copper sitted on the domed roof. 

the construction of the museum started in 1994 and completed in the early 2000s. the architecture of the erawan museum and the sections within the buidling were desinged to represt hindu mythology on the structure and characteristics of the universe; representing the three worlds.

the three-headed elephant statue is the first and the last thing you will see when you are reaching or leaving the museum.

there are three storeys inside the elephant contain antiquities and priceless collections of ancient religious objects belonging to the museum owner – khun lek viriyapant. (lek viriyaphant was an eccentric thai millionaire and patron of culture responsible for the contruction ancient city, erawan musuem and sanctuary of truth.) the three storeys are underworld on the first floor, earth on the second floor and heaven on the top floor. the lower two floors are located inside the pedestal while the top floor is located in the belly of the elephant.

outside the museum building, there is a lush tropical gardens. there are rare flora, benches, pavilions and rock. visitors can wander the stone paths, cross streams and admire the vivid colourings of plants and palm trees. there are also many mythological statues can be seen around the garden.

on the first floor, is the underworld or naga world. this floor contains fine collection of chinese vases in the ming and qing dynasties, the famous sangkhalok pottery from sukhothai, benjarong ceramics and chakri tea sets. other antiques from angkor wat period can also be found here.

the second floor represents the earth or human world. it has more precious antiques and arts including ceramics and european pottery. the hall features a statue of guanyin, the chinese goddess with a thousand arms. there are two staricases sudded with porcelain wind upstaris on both side of the hall. above the main hall, you can see the beautiful stained glass ceiling beneath the dome is etched with a map of the world, the stars and the zodiac sysmbols.

the top floor represents the heaven world – travatimsa heaven. this in buddhist cosmology lies above mount meru and said to be where sacred beings. on display are the relics of the buddha and very old buddha statues from several eras. 

to me, i felt the sense of peaceful when i reached this floor.

address: sukhumvit road, samut prakan

the opening hours is 8am to 5pm

getting there is a little bit out of the way. there is no direct train to reach there. i took bts train to bang na, and from there, took a cab to the erawan museum. the fare is about 50 baht each way. do take note of this when leaving the museum. the security guard should be able to help to get a cab. but the fare varies from different bts station as per for what i found.


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