20170101 bangkok trip day 3

today’s itinerary is simple – wat traimit and sampeng lane market. both are located within the premises of chinatown’s yaowarat road. after that, i took the river boat and visit wat arun, my favorite place to see while on the river.

from where i stayed, i took a bts train from chong nonsi bts station to sala daeng bts station, where i will need to walk to the mrt station to take the mrt to hua lampong mrt station. wat traimit is about 300 metres walking distance from the mrt station.

while on the sky bridge towards the mrt station, i stood there for awhile a look at the area, typically lumpini park. i used to stay in this area a couple of times, but never really stand on the bridge to look at the surrounding, especially the busy traffic. while standing there, i noticed that there is a name on the flyover! thai-japanese bridge!

i didn’t manage to find much information about this bridge, one of it mentioned is that the bridge was built with association of thai and japanese governments on rama 4 road to cross over an intersection.


wat traimit is located at the end of chinatown’s yaowarat road, near hualampong railway station. it is also known as the temple of the golden buddha, as there is the world’s largest massive gold seated buddha – sukhothai traimit golden buddha. the statue is made of pure gold, it is about five metres in height and weighs approximately five tons.

the golden buddha statue was cast back in the 13th century. it was covered in plaster and lacquer, most likely to hide the valubale from thieves or looters. the valuable has not been discovered until it was to move to its present location at wat traimit in 1955.

in the temple, there is also an exhibition area – yaowarat chinatown heritage center. this is an admission fees to visit the center. on the second floor, the exhibits cover the history of overseas chinese in thailand, starting with a 3d presentation and moving on through slice of life scense of chinese traders in years gone by.

the third floor covers the history of the golden buddha itself. there will a video presentation at the beginning showcasing a good brief background on buddha images in general, as well as the full story. the exhibits also covers how the image was made as well as the historical background of how it came to be at wat traimit.

address : 661 charoen krung Road, samphanthawong district, bangkok 10100


i didn’t visit the heritage center. after i visited the golden buddha statue, and get the blessings from one of the monks, i left the place. 

some links where you can read more about wat traimit:

next destination is a place for lunch. i happened to stumbled on a site where it recommended wanton noodles in chinatown. after doing some research, it happens to be near wat traimit, and it has pretty good review.

it is not difficult to locate the place, only 5 minutes away from wat traimit, on foot. and it is near to the chinese gate of odean circle in chinatown.

odean restaurant (兴来饭店) – a eatery which is popular for it crab claw noodle, which can cost as much as 500 baht. the noodles serve are usualyl just traditional yellow egg noodles and the soup is light and clear.

as i am not willing to pay for the crab claw noodle, i ordered the normal wanton noodles, and a plate of fried wanton.


address: 623 charoen krung road, samphanthawong, khet samphanthawong, krung thep maha nakhon 10100

sampeng lane market is a place i always wanted to go, but never been there whenever i am in bangkok. so, i put it in the itinerary and hope that i will not lost my way.

after the lunch, i tried to follow the way on gps to go there. however, i am never good in direction, hence, i sort of lost my way. there was alot of construction works along the roads, and i guess that made things i little messy for me. after an hour or so of walking, i came across a shop selling bird nest. well, bird nest is consider cheap compared to the price here in singapore, and i always have bird nest in bangkok if i can.

i ordered a 2nd grade bird nest, and a bowl of gingko in syrup. i scoped the gingko out from the syrup and mixed it with the bird nest. yumz….


after the bird nest, i left the place and followed the pathway, with lots of turns, i finally lost my way. passed by a temple which is pretty crowded too.


by the method of “anyhow walk”, i think i will never reach sampeng lane market, and i think i may have walked down the lanes.

sampeng lane market is a hot, busy and narrow lanes which are congested with vendors selling everything from fabrics, cheap clothes, shoes, bags, hand-made handicrafts, electronics, jewellery, copied dvds, toys, cosmestics and the list goes on, with huge discounts if you buy in bulk.. i believe it will be quite an experience to have a walk down in the lanes.

i will definitely be back, with proper planning.

address: sampeng lane, soi wanit 1, chinatown, bangkok


the next destination after leaving sampeng lane market is the ratchawong pier. again, i depend on the friendly gps, but this time, read the signages as well to get there. pretty easy, even though it’s quite a long walk.

ratchawong pier is pier N5 along the chao phraya rive cruise line. it is consider as a gateway to chinatown. from here, i bought a ticket to wat arun, which i have to alight at tha thien pier, N8.

do note that as there are few different routes which operate by different color code of the boat, do check on which one you should take. more information can be find here.

the main purpose of going to tha thien pier is to visit wat arun.

wat arun is also known as the temple of the dawn. wat arun sits on the west bank of chao phraya river and it is definitely one of the most stunning temples in bangkok, not only because of its revierside location, but also the design is very different to the other templs. for me, just to look at wat arun along the riverside, especially in the evening, it is stunning and peaceful. it is really beautiful.

you can climb the central prang. i did it once few years back and was hoping i can do it again. the steps are very steep but there is a railing to balance yourself. getting up is as tricky as gettind down. once you reach the highest point, the view of the surrounding is amazing. you will be able to see chao phraya river, the grand palace, and wat pho which is opposite. this time round, i didn’t visit wat pho, as it is already near to the closing time. so i just walked around wat arun’s premises and left in less than an hour.

during the time of my visit, wat arun is under renovation, hence i am not able to go inside the temple to visit it. do take note that entry fees applies when entering to wat arun.


i took a boat ride back to thaksin pier and decided to take the train to mbk mall for my dinner before heading back to hotel.


while on the platform of saphan thaksin bts station, i saw the famous haunted skyscraper!!

it is know as sathorn unique tower, and is an unfinished skyscraper in bangkok. the plan of it was a high-rise condominium complex, but the construction was halted during the 1997 asian financial crisis. at that time, it was already about 80 percent complete. left to rot in neglect, the buidling eventually became a home for drug addicts, homless vagrants and wild dogs. it was said that level 43 is the most haunted floor, as dead bodies have been found there several times. please do not trepass this building as it is an offence. do google for more information with terms like ghost tower, haunted skyscraper, most haunted building in bangkok, etc. you name it, you will find it. and yes, it has also became an advertisement billboard.


besides the haunted skyscraper, the other amazing view is the evening view. really nice.


one of the food i always have is the kuay chap in bangkok. not only it’s delicious, it has the pig blood cake in it! pig blood cake was a common food in singapore. it can be found in soup, and you can select it as one of the items in yong tau foo. however, it was banned since 90s due to some virus.

however, this time round, i managed to eat the kuay chap in mbk food court, but without the pig blood cake. they have run out of it… how can that happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, to comfort myself, i ordered mango sticky rice, another item which is a must to order when in thailand.

after the meal, i had a short walk at the outdoor as there’s a night market. however, it wasn’t exciting at all, and i left to be back to hotel after awhile.


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