20161231 bangkok trip day 2

after the “hectic” first day in bangkok, it is soon the second day, and it’s the last day of year 2016. i didn’t feel any different when i woke up. 

as per planned, i went to the famous, popular, crowded weekend market – chatuchak weekend market. it is also known as world’s largest weekend market, and has reached a landmark status as a must visit attraction for tourists, as this is a place where you can literally shop “till you drop”.

chatuchak weekend market is popular among wholesalers and traders, who will do their stocks early in the morning from there. they usually go with luggage bags or trolleys. 

chatuchak has more than 8,000 stalls on this 35-acre area. there are altogether 27 sections with stalls selling goods from every part of thailand. you will be amazed by the stuffs you see in this huge weekend market, and you will see “sales” signs everywhere.

you typically can get what you want from here – t-shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, sports attire, hats, households, handmade soups, essential oils, aroma related goods, pets (yes, pets like dogs, birds, rabbits…..) and the list goes on.

the things you need to endure in this weekend market is the heat, and crowd. so, words of advise – make sure you have enough water (drink stalls can easily be located but it will be good if you have a bottle with you); and be careful of your belongings! (my friend once got his wallet picked from his waist pouch even though it’s in the front).

there are few ways in getting to chatuchak weekend market.

by bts – alight at mo chit station, exit from exit number 1, and follow the crowd!                    if you are traveling by mrt, you can alight at chatuchak park station, take exit number 1, follow the crowd and you will reach the entrance of clothing section. if you alight at kampheng phet station, you will reach the entrance of the plant and flower section, using exit number 1.

after shopping at chatuchak for about 3 hours, i went over to a nearby mall – union mall – which caters more to young-adult crowd. the mall has a total of eight floors, but i only shopped on the few floors with fashions clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. comparing with platinum mall, union mall is more spacious and has bigger walkways. i see that the clothing are quite unique, and seldom has repeated designs.

if you are visiting chatuchuk weekend market, maybe you can put union mall on your itinerary as well, since the mall is only one train station away from chatuchak park mrt station. 

address: ladprao soi 1, bangkok, thailand 10900. alight at phahon yothin mrt station, take exit 5.

after leaving union mall, i proceed back to chong nonsi mrt area as i have made an appointment for a massage. but before that, i have to fill my stomach first. on the way to the massage place, i had something which i must have when i am in bangkok – pork burger!!! since macdonald is on along the way, i went to have it. unfortunately, this time round, the patty is a little bit too dry.047

the massage place which i am going is call perception blind massage. the entrance of this massage place can be easily missed, because the small entrance is located next dexter cafe. the internal decoration of perception blind massage makes everyone feel comfortable, serene and stress-free.

the waiting time is not long. the staff at reception is a very sweet lady. she let me sit down in the waiting area, after which another lady brought the blind masseur and let her sit on the stool near me. she then get ready the water for washing of the foot, and then guide the masseur to start the session.

i am really impressed how well they work well together. while waiting, there are other customers walked in and i watched how they worked together. the team showed a great team work and how well their relationships is.

if you want to try, do make a reservation on their website.

address: 56,58 soi piphat, north sathorn road, silom, bangrak, bangkok 10500. nearest mrt station is chong nonsi.

after the massage, i walked back to the hotel, put down my shopping stuffs and get ready to spend the countdown at central.

i reached central much more earlier, so i decided to go to the nearest newly opened night market – talad neon. it is the downtown night market which just opened on 1st-december-2016. to much disappointment, there wasn’t much stalls opened at that time. i left the place after about half an hour.  but believe by now, the night market should have much more stalls open and it’s a much better place to walk now.

location for talad neon is in pratunam. it is just next to the palladium/berkely hotel, which is about 15 minutes walk from the platinum fashion mall. there is a free tuk tuk service to and fro from the mall from 7pm to 9pm. the opening hours is thursday to sunday, from 5pm to 12am.

address: 1087 khwaeng makkasan, khet ratchathewi, krung thep maha nakhon 10400

walking back to central was quite challenging, exciting and fun as well. the roads which usually filled with cares, are now filled with people!!! everyone is getting ready and waiting for the party to start, even though everyone knew that there will be no fireworks, no loud songs and no countdown.

after entered into the security tightened area, there wasn’t any additional space to move. i have to be pushed and it was so difficult to u-turn back. no choice, i have to follow the crowd. candle was given out to everyone. there was performance on stage, just some singings, as well as some prayers. at one minute before 12am, the light of the candle started to pass around. and by this time, the crowd is getting more packed than before. some people started to get impatience and started to push, and i heard some shouting behind. the whole event ended around 12.30am. and finally, the crowd slowly dispersed and i managed to reach to the train station pretty soon. “home sweet home”.

welcome 2017.




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